Vertex’s proprietary AI allows companies to proactively identify when to reduce their energy consumption, resulting in significant savings in their energy costs and expenses.

Intuitive Dashboard

Vertex’s dashboard gives you constant, up-to-the-hour information about grid performance, peaks and alerts. Everything you need to be prepared to make decisions regarding your energy use in one easy to use view.

Analytics Anywhere

Review past, present and future grid demand while overlaying relevant data to examine trends in the easy-to-use web interface. Access Vertex from any web-enabled desktop or mobile device.

Additional Features

Significantly Reduce Power Costs

Stop accepting your monthly bill as is. Take control with Vertex! Empower yourself to take advantage of power-saving strategies to significantly contain and control the energy costs that rob your bottom-line.

Constant Contact

Vertex notifies you well beforehand of possible grid peaks to give you and your team the time to plan your power consumption to maximize cost savings. Receive daily predictions and peak alerts through email or text, to any device.

AI-Driven Perception

Vertex combines multiple sources of information with a proprietary algorithm to produce concise, accurate predictions of when peak demand in the province is going to occur, giving you an actionable time-frame to shift power consumption.

Increase Savings Year Over Year

Further reduce your costs and charges year over year with continually refined predictions tailored to your own usage patterns and needs. Vertex cost saving analysis is continual and always on your side.

Automation Ready

Vertex can interface directly with control-compatible energy storage devices to automate powering shifting, allowing your company to take advantage of energy reduction opportunities while freeing your staff to concentrate on the business.