Vertex’s proprietary AI allows companies to proactively identify when to reduce their energy consumption, resulting in significant savings in their energy costs and Global Adjustment fees.

Mobile Notifications

Timely Notifications

Get timely notices delivered right to your phone and email with enough time act upon power savings opportunities as they arise.  No need to constantly monitor websites or continually watch weather updates.  Vertex also can deliver daily outlook reports to your email or devices, based on advanced prediction models, so you can prepare your energy plan for the day ahead with confidence.

Energy Dashboard

An operational asset that deserves its very own place in your energy management office or operations management console.  Vertex’s dashboard gives you constant, up-to-the-hour information about Ontario power grid usage and performance, consumption peak predictions and instant alerts. Everything you need to be prepared to make decisions regarding your energy use in one easy to use view.

Grid Use Analytics

Review past, present and future grid demand together with relevant data overlays to examine and explore trends in the easy-to-use web interface.  Five minute, hourly, and daily energy data with optional plotting of hourly temperature and humidex readings bring a more holistic understanding of how energy consumption drivers are affecting the power grid at present and historically.  Use this information to inform your energy planning, budgeting and efficiency initiatives.

Additional Features

Significantly Reduce Power Costs

Stop accepting your monthly bill as is. Take control with Vertex! By altering your power use even slightly during an Ontario peak energy hour, you can save thousands on Global Adjustment charges. Empower yourself to take advantage of power-saving strategies to significantly contain and control the energy costs that rob your bottom-line.

Mobile & Email Alerts

Don't be chained to a desk watching websites and weather reports. Vertex notifies you by SMS and email within hours of possible grid peaks to give you and your team the time to plan your power consumption to maximize cost savings, with a very low rate of false positives, saving you time and aggravation. Receive daily predictions and peak alerts through email or text, to any device.

AI-Driven Predictions

Vertex combines multiple sources of information with a proprietary algorithm to produce concise, accurate predictions of when peak demand in the province is going to occur, giving you an actionable time-frame to shift power consumption. Our models are constantly evolving, in real-time, as energy use patterns shift and change with weather, seasons, holidays and behaviour.

Automation Ready

Vertex can interface directly with control-compatible energy storage devices to automate powering shifting, allowing your company to take advantage of energy reduction opportunities while freeing your staff to concentrate on the business.

Increase Savings Year Over Year

Further reduce your costs and charges year over year with continually refined predictions tailored to your own usage patterns and needs. Vertex cost saving analysis is continual and always on your side.

Integrate With Your Existing Systems

Vertex provides multiple integration opportunities to empower, enhance and elevate your internal operations. From a robust API for your development team, to webhooks for integrating alerts and notifications to your own systems, to web widgets that you can integrate into your own website, Vertex can deliver. Contact us for more information.

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