Empowers utilities with evidence-based decision making and profit protection through specialized analytics & AI using existing smart metering networks.

From Dashboard...

Quickly assess performance and usage metrics from any system at any location via Volt’s highly visual and concise web-based dashboards. Be prepared by spotting problems before they become critical to billing, operations or engineering. Drive customer satisfaction and cost controls by focusing time and effort where needed, when needed.

...To Detail

Volt uses proprietary algorithms to analyze meter readings to flag billing discrepancies, identify performance anomalies, and predict maintenance opportunities. Easily discover how assets are used in the field and plan improvements with real client usage data. Engineering can discover system state before, during and after abnormal activity, quickly isolating problem components to assess long-term performance, decrease costly downtime and improve customer satisfaction.

Additional Features

Deep Analytics

Voltaric’s specialized analytics & AI reveals deep associations between current and historical resource usage patterns and predict future outcomes. Uncover potential problems to minimize service disruptions and plan with confidence to lower and contain costs.


Quickly identify usage patterns, demand and generation at various levels of scale by sensor, area or aggregate. Set threshold notifications to track and report areas of interest for identification & follow-up. Assemble data to build evidence-based cases for accurate & cost-controlled maintenance and deployment decisions.

Expect More From Your Infrastructure

Make the absolute most of the sensor infrastructure already in place digging deeper into the data already being collected by daily operations. Voltaric has the analytical tools to expose the efficiencies present in your own data.

Secure, Robust, Efficient

Our secure, powerful and easy to use web-based software surfaces deep insight in a clarity unmatched by our competitors. No software or hardware to install, deploy or maintain. Our specialized technology handles massive increases in volume without disruption.


Voltaric’s SensorScore benchmark provides an immediate status of a sensor’s status and reliability. Quickly discover if a sensor is experiencing issues. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce non-billable downtime by drilling down to identify problems.