Voltaric provides turnkey and custom analytic software solutions for utilities and industry that enable evidence-based decisions and actions through specialized analytics & AI

Knowledge and Power

We are solving some of the biggest issues in energy analytics and IIoT.

Automation and AI

Automate what should be, leave what shouldn't. Our software can learn with you.

Be Green – Stay Green

Power is expensive... we get it. We can help you save and be more conscious of your power usage habits.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer several web-based, turn-key software solutions for utilities, industry and enterprises.  Take advantage of our sector-specific expertise through these robust and easy-to-use applications to immediately surface the potential lying within your networks and systems.


Proactive & Predictive Energy Cost Management

Significant Energy Savings

Be prepared for significant energy saving opportunities without the needless distractions and constant manual monitoring required by other solutions.

Turnkey energy analytics solution that proactively identifies energy reduction opportunities, resulting in significant operational cost savings.  Using our proprietary multi-factor AI, Vertex notifies you of upcoming grid peaks and power shifting windows to take control of your energy use and drive down operating expenses.

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Advanced Industrial Analytics

Built For Industry

Get off the sidelines and start taking part in the Industry 4.0 movement now.  VFI shows you how.

Industry 4.0-ready analytics, command & control and IIoT integrations to enable outage prevention, diagnostics, predictive maintenance and AI-driven automation – right out of the box.

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Comprehensive Analytics Designed for Utilities

Built For Utilities

Specifically tailored for the digital utility industry and its players.

Empowering utilities to analyze connected meter readings at various levels of scale.  Identify usage patterns for both demand and generation to flag billing discrepancies, isolate performance anomalies and predict maintenance opportunities to minimize service disruptions and operating costs.

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Our Technology

Voltaric's advanced analytics platform collects and processes vast amounts of data using big data technology and applies multiple layers of analysis to derive and uncover otherwise hidden information. Our technology optimizes operations through outage prevention and management, enables better engineering decisions through intelligent diagnostics, and improves customer satisfaction through predictive and specialized maintenance.

Advanced Analytics

Voltaric’s specialized analytics & AI reveal deep associations between current and historical data patterns and how they relate to other relevant data sources to inform and predict future outcomes.

Sensor Agnostic

We work with sensors regardless of vendor to provide an analytics service that makes the most of all data regardless of source.


Security is a primary priority at Voltaric. We use industry leading security to protect data from source to result.

Robust API

Our technology is highly adaptable and ready to implement in your existing systems to quickly meet the unique requirements of your business by creating software that bridges information, instead of building silos.

Stay Informed

Instant notifications intelligently keeps you and your team up-to-date with information and events that need immediate attention, while avoiding distractions about things that can wait.

Always evolving

Our platform is constantly growing, evolving and improving. Your business benefits with the latest developments without installing or maintaining software.

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