Cloud-based analytics for
Distributed Energy Systems

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Cloud-based IIoT analytics for energy systems and integrated Industry 4.0

Voltaric’s real-time energy monitoring, AI analytics and optimization cloud software solutions enable companies to analyze, control and automate their energy portfolio.

Real-Time Diagnostics & Insights

Our AI analyzes data before, during and after abnormal activity to quickly isolate problem components, improve performance and reduce downtime.

Analysis & Automation

Machine learning and AI processes data with supplemental sources to power pattern analysis to inform and proactively automate process optimizations.

Adaptable & Scalable

VFI accepts data from any PLC, device or API. Our robust architecture automatically scales to handle your needs dynamically.

Get More From Your Infrastructure

VFI digs deeper into the data you are already collecting. Voltaric has the analytical tools to highlight efficiencies in your current infrastructure.

Secure, Robust, Easy

Our secure and powerful web-based software is the easiest to use in the industry. No software or hardware to install, deploy or maintain.

How Voltaric Can Help You


Track energy use, gain insight and empower decision making by tapping into real-time data and powering AI from anywhere and everywhere.

IIoT Process Optimization

Put data gathered from IIoT devices and existing factory systems to provide real-time monitoring, historical analysis and drive process optimizations using actual data to deliver actual results.


Gather sensory, production and testing data into one platform to drive historical and diagnostic results to create a wholistic picture of product development from design to production.


Orchestrate, analyze and control by building automation systems and climate controls to optimize energy savings, compliance management and maintenance operations.