Our solutions power evidence-based decision making, predictive insights and operational optimizations to improve performance, reveal new opportunities and lower costs.

Our Technology

Advanced Analytics

Voltaric’s specialized analytics & AI reveal deep associations between current and historical data patterns and how they relate to other relevant data sources to inform and predict future outcomes.

Sensor Agnostic

We work with sensors regardless of vendor to provide an analytics service that makes the most of all data regardless of source.


Security is a primary priority at Voltaric. We use industry leading security to protect data from source to result.

Robust API

Our technology is highly adaptable and ready to implement in your existing systems to quickly meet the unique requirements of your business by creating software that bridges information, instead of building silos.

Stay Informed

Instant notifications intelligently keeps you and your team up-to-date with information and events that need immediate attention, while avoiding distractions about things that can wait.

Always evolving

Our platform is constantly growing, evolving and improving. Your business benefits with the latest developments without installing or maintaining software.

Custom Software Development

Our team of professional software engineers bring over sixty years of combined development experience from desktop to mobile using on-site and cloud-based technologies. Voltaric provides services from software specification straight through to development, testing and deployment of mobile, desktop and server software, for both consumer and internal use. Projects benefit from the same talent that powers our own software, ensuring maximum quality for your needs. Contact us now to discuss your unique needs and how Voltaric can power your solution.

  • Java / C# / C++ / JavaScript
  • VB.NET / VBA 
  • Python
  • PHP
  • AWS / Azure
  • Windows / Linux / Mac OS X
  • Docker / Kubernetes / VMWare
  • GitHub & GitLab
  • CI/CD Pipelining
Applications & Frameworks
  • Ember / React
  • Node.js / .Net / MFC
  • PostgreSQL / SQL Server / Oracle
  • Hadoop / Redshift
  • Neo4j / MongoDB

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