The future of technology is data:

its collection, quality control and analysis for

predicting and planning for future needs

The future of technology is data: its collection, quality control and analysis for not only discovering current and historical usage patterns and trends but predicting and planning for future needs. A rapidly growing number of utilities and industries are deploying sensors to collect this information to monitor and track their consumption to empower better decisions. Processing these volumes of data to create truly valuable and usable results to elevate and enrich decision making, requires specialized analytical algorithms. Businesses that fail to adopt these technologies risk competitive disadvantage by ignoring the intelligence that their own data holds.

In recognition of this new paradigm, in 2016 the founders of Voltaric set out to create a dynamic, cloud-based data analytics software platform harnessing the power of cloud computing to deliver actionable insights of energy conservation and optimization for LDC’s and large users of electricity by taking advantage of leading edge technology. Utilizing their extensive experience in consulting in the utility, financial and automation sectors, the principals laid the groundwork for two products, Volt and VFI, which collect and analyze sensor data collected from smart meters and industrial controls to reveal historical energy trends and predict future demand and device performance.

Our Executive Team

Scott Robinet

President/Chief Software Architect

Scott brings over 25 years of experience in software development and architecture and building successful software companies. As VP of Research and Development, Scott architected and was the lead developer of the AutoMate platform with Network Automation in Los Angeles before a successful exit in 2014. Scott is the principal of Elysium Software Inc., a software consultancy in Oakville, Ontario that has consulted on projects for the automation and electrical utility sectors. Scott holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Windsor.

Jason Smith

Vice-President / Lead Data Architect

Jason has many years of experience managing and building software solutions, starting with a multi-year tenure with Deloitte Consulting, which launched his work with databases and data engineering. He moved on to ITG, a global equities brokerage that specialized in advanced technologies where he re-engineered their Canadian trade settlement process, drastically improving database performance. This led him to their AI trading development team, where he focused on developing advanced AI software for high-speed trading and routing to be used with North American stock exchanges. His ongoing experience with complex data solutions led him to running his own successful consulting firm, engaging in large scale projects with data warehousing solutions in the utilities industry. His background in high-volume, high-speed database technologies and data AI is a primary key to the Voltaric solution.

Karen Behune Plunkett

V.P. Business Development

Karen is an effective leader, entrepreneur and strategic planner. Having been the principal in five businesses, the CEO of a Regional Innovation Centre and the Director in numerous municipal, provincial and federal boards and organizations, Karen has demonstrated the ability to strategically identify both the needs and the successful execution for growth. Karen is a visionary executive with outstanding and innovative accomplishments with over 30 years of senior experience in corporate structuring, sales, marketing, and brand development.