Voltaric Inc develops cutting-edge cloud-based IIoT data collection, monitoring and analytics together with services to support and enhance our client’s operational objectives.

Our specialized analytics, data collection and predictive maintenance expertise in energy, industry and IoT networks are specifically designed to help you meet the needs of the data-driven future.

Our solutions power evidence-based decision making, predictive insights and operational optimizations to improve performance, reveal new opportunities and lower costs.

Our Technology

Voltaric's advanced analytics platform collects and processes vast amounts of data using big data technology and applies multiple layers of analysis to derive and uncover otherwise hidden information. Our technology optimizes operations through outage prevention and management, enables better engineering decisions through intelligent diagnostics, and improves customer satisfaction through predictive and specialized maintenance.

Advanced Analytics

Voltaric’s specialized analytics & AI reveal deep associations between current and historical data patterns and how they relate to other relevant data sources to inform and predict future outcomes.

Sensor Agnostic

We work with sensors regardless of vendor to provide an analytics service that makes the most of all data regardless of source.


Security is a primary priority at Voltaric. We use industry leading security to protect data from source to result.

Robust API

Our technology is highly adaptable and ready to implement in your existing systems to quickly meet the unique requirements of your business by creating software that bridges information, instead of building silos.

Stay Informed

Instant notifications intelligently keeps you and your team up-to-date with information and events that need immediate attention, while avoiding distractions about things that can wait.

Always evolving

Our platform is constantly growing, evolving and improving. Your business benefits with the latest developments without installing or maintaining software.

Our Executive Team

Scott Robinet

President/Chief Software Architect

Scott brings over 25 years of experience in software development and architecture and building successful software companies. As VP of Research and Development, Scott was the lead architect and developer of the AutoMate platform with Network Automation in Los Angeles before a successful exit in 2014. Scott holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Windsor.

Jason Smith

Vice-President / Lead Data Architect

Jason has extensive experience managing and building software solutions specializing in complex data requirements and performance. His engineering skills include advanced technologies in FinTech and AI algorithms for high-speed trading and routing that are used in North American stock exchanges — precursors to Voltaric's industrial analytics pipeline. Jason brings unique and creative solutions to a wide variety of challenges in analytics and big data, powering Voltaric's platform services and results-driven value to our customers.

Karen Behune Plunkett

V.P. Strategic Business Development

Karen is an effective leader, entrepreneur and strategic planner. Having been the principal in five businesses, the CEO of a Regional Innovation Centre and the Director in numerous municipal, provincial and federal boards and organizations, Karen has demonstrated the ability to strategically identify both the needs and the successful execution for growth. Karen is a visionary executive with outstanding and innovative accomplishments with over 30 years of senior experience in corporate structuring and brand development.